'Super Meat Boy' Honors PETA With Unlockable Character

Super Meat Boy

UPDATE: The Tofu Boy update is live. Once you update via Steam, head into the character select screen and type: petaphile.

Original Story: When a major organization like PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) starts coming after your indie game, you know you've struck a chord. Such is the case for "Super Meat Boy," as PETA is protesting the game with its own parody, "Super Tofu Boy."

The parody game, which you play at the link above, is actually pretty faithful to the original game, complete with tough platforming challenges, wall jumps and even Bandage Girl. Sure, the controls are horrible, but clearly there's at least someone at PETA who's a fan of the game, as they put a lot of work into recreating it.

Of course the twist here is that it's anti-meat, which means Tofu Boy is attempting to save Bandage Girl from Meat Boy's murderous rage. Also, between levels, gross meat factoids are delivered.

Edmund McMillan, the co-creator of "Super Meat Boy" responded to the parody with humble pride, saying that "this is a major high point for me personally." He goes on to say that he actually went on a campaign to bring the game to the attention of PETA by creating fake user names on their message boards and hyping up its horrors.

Seems his campaign worked, and now he's giving back in the form of an unlockable character for the PC version of "Super Meat Boy," which is now available on Steam. Super Tofu Boy (pictured) will be added in the next update, which should arrive any day now. That kind of turn-around is sort of remarkable, but such is the magic of indie games on the PC, where there's no 4-month-long approval process to get new content added.

The irony of all this is that Edmund has repeatedly stated that Meat Boy is really just a boy without skin, rather than a collection of animal meat. I'm pretty sure PETA isn't against people without skin, but hey, you never know.

Edmund goes on to say that while he supports animal rights, he disagrees with PETA's stance on ending all animal testing, as it has lead to the development of medicine which has saved countless lives, including that of his fellow co-creator, Tommy Refenes, who suffers from diabetes.