'Splinter Cell 6' Production Underway With Jade Raymond's Toronto Team

Splinter Cell 6

Ubisoft made it known as early as last May that their next Splinter Cell game would come from Toronto, and a new video new through their studio there has confirmed that the game will be a new installment for the core franchise, currently being referred to as "Splinter Cell 6."

"We're working on 'Splinter Cell 6,' the next iteration of the blockbuster franchise, and we're doing it entirely here in Toronto," the studio's managing director Jade Raymond revealed during a video tour of the facilities posted on Eurogamer.

Previous Splinter Cell titles, including 2010's "Splinter Cell: Conviction," had been produced by Ubisoft Montreal. The Toronto offices are currently expanding, though, according to Raymond, and with 83 employees currently working there, the "Conviction" follow-up is one of two projects that they're currently focused on.

"Within the next 10 years we plan to ramp up this studio to at least 800 people, and we're ahead of schedule on that," she explained.

The former factory that they've moved into looks extremely spacious, as you'll see if you watch the tour. In it, she outlines Ubisoft's goals for an open atmosphere of collaboration across the aisles between desks and even lets a few of her underlings get on camera to show off the space, as well as their toy guns and an impressive pillar built out of Tim Horton's coffee cups.

Do you think Toronto will prove to be a good move for the Splinter Cell franchise? What do you think of Jade Raymond's studio? Share your responses with us in the comment section below.

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