Water Rejoices As The 'Fluidity' Release Date Is Secured


Water plays a big role in video games, but it's usually not a starring role. In games like "Pitfall" and "Red Dead Redemption," water meant instant death, whereas other games like "Super Mario Bros." have entire levels dedicated to H20. But to make water the star of its own game? Unless you count "Wetrix," it's never really happened...until "Fluidity," that is.

"Fluidity" is a WiiWare title which has you controlling a puddle of water. The game uses fluid dynamics, the kind we saw in titles like "PixelJunk Shooter," but you're not controlling a tiny space ship here. Nope, you're just controlling the water. You can make it slide around, squeeze through tiny crevices and even jump. The biggest challenge, though, is keeping it all together. Water isn't the most teamwork-oriented of substances, and you'll often find your collection of agua splitting up and venturing out into dangerous territory. Thankfully you'll also be able to find and rescue rogue water droplets to expand your liquid empire.

Yes, this is a really weird game, but I had a blast playing through a demo of "Fluidity" a few months ago. It's one of those clever 2D platformers that offers way more complexity than the simple premise implies.

Well, with that lengthy intro out of the way, you should definitely keep an eye out for "Fluidity" when it drops on December 6. It'll run you 1200 Nintendo points or $12 for those in the States. And while you're at it, check out "Cave Story," as well. Oh, and "World of Goo." And "And Yet It Moves." Hey, look at that! WiiWare is really starting to come along, isn't it?