'Rise Of Isengard' To Expand 'LOTR Online' In Fall 2011

Rise of Isengard

If the heroes of "The Lord of the Rings Online" ever want to make it to Saruman's tower of Orthanc, they're going to need access to Isengard, and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has revealed that entry will be possible approximately one year from now. "Rise of Isengard" will come in Fall 2011 with a level cap increase to 70, revamped monster play and an eastward push across Middle-earth into new areas.

"2010 has been a year of unprecedented growth for 'The Lord of the Rings Online' with our successful introduction of a free-to-play option for our players," "The Lord of the Rings Online" executive producer Kate Paiz said in a press release. "This is going to be another outstanding year for the game as we progress on our journey toward Mordor and it all begins with our upcoming November update. The journey will carry through 2011 ending with our arrival in the epic region of Isengard where players will confront the raging war and shadow that has spread across Middle-earth."

There's not much to see of the expansion at this point, though WBIE did release some concept art and a trailer to tease it:

If you're familiar with J.R.R. Tolkien's story, you know that Saruman has set up a pretty nice, heavily fortified base for himself in Isengard, thanks in part to his ridiculously tall, unbreakable tower. So have fun trying to take him down next year!

Are you looking forward to "Rise of Isengard"? Which battles are you most hoping to reenact in "LOTR Online"? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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