'Sackboy's Prehistoric Moves' Coming To PSN In December

Sackboy's Prehistoric Moves

The Australian government has once again proved their ratings board to be a reliable source of unannounced game information, as Sony has now clarified that "Sackboy's Prehistoric Moves" will be a standalone title available on the PlayStation Network in December.

"This is a brand new spin-off PSN title that showcases all of the fun that can be had when Sackboy gets his hands on the PlayStation Move motion controller," SCEA PR manager Eric Levine wrote in an update on the official PlayStation blog. "'Sackboy's Prehistoric Moves' contains a brand new 10 level theme dominated by dinosaurs, where the Evil Big Rex is king."

The game is scheduled to go on sale for $5.99 on December 14, according to the post, though PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to download it for free one week earlier on December 7. Additionally, Sony will be making expanded "LittleBigPlanet 2" beta features available to the test's participants and unleashing a full "LBP2" demo for the world to play on December 21.

The full sequel itself is still locked in for a January 18 release, but these options should provide a few good appetizers while you wait. Just make sure you've already got a Move controller when you download "Sackboy's Prehistoric Moves." You can play local co-op games with friends who are using old-fashioned DualShocks, but you'll need to have at least one Move/Eye combo installed in order to get it started.

Are you stoked for "Sackboy's Prehistoric Moves"? Is it going to make the wait for "LBP2" easier for you? Share your responses with us in the comment section below.

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