'Full House Poker' Recognized With Australian Rating

Full House Poker

Prospective beta recruits apparently aren't the only ones out there getting clued in about Microsoft Game Studios' new "1 vs. 100" gambling descendant "Full House Poker." The Australian government appears to know a few things about it, too, and they've issued a General rating with some bare-bones details to prove it.

The official listing for the title appears on Classification.gov.au (via Joystiq), where it warns consumers that the game contains "simulated gambling" and that users' gaming experiences "may change online."

Aussie game evaluators must take fake gambling a little less seriously than their American counterparts, since the the emails being sent out by Microsoft indicated that the game would have a T for Teen rating in the U.S.

Sadly, there is no reference in the rating to Uncle Jesse, Bob Saget or the Olsen twins, so I think it's safe to assume that this title only means to imply that gameplay can involve successful poker hands and not that it has any affiliation with the long-running ABC sitcom that featured Dave Coulier. It will feature avatars, though, and that should be fun, even if you can't attempt to stare down Kimmy Gibler and call her bluff in the Tanner family basement while wearing your hard-earned "Dead Space" mask. You may be able to play against a table full of Stormtroopers, though, and that's no small deal.

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