Walmart Black Friday Bundles Include Cheap Wii, DS Deals

Walmart Black Friday

If you haven't made peace with the fact that Black Friday is going to be here in a week, you're running out of time. The good news from Walmart's post-Thanksgiving Day flyer, however, is that some of their best video game-related deals will be taking place exclusively on and not showing up in stores. They'll have some price-slashing going on on the ground, to, though, including a couple of bundle prices that keep pace with Sears and a few significant game-by-game deals.

The Red Wii bundle being offered on may look like it just forces you to buy "Epic Mickey" at first glance, but the real value comes in the small print from Walmart's Black Friday ad. In addition coming with a red Wii Remote Plus, nunchuk and copies of "Wii Sports," "New Super Mario Bros. Wii" and "Epic Mickey," it also throws in an "extra set of controllers," so it does end up saving you a good $40-$60 dollars or so.

The 160GB PlayStation 3, meanwhile, will be set at $299, with one controller, "Uncharted 2" and "Medal of Honor." A 4GB Xbox 360 will be going for $199 with a one-month Xbox Live Gold subscription, "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" and "Mass Effect 2."

If you've been holding out until the last possible minute to buy a Nintendo DS, though, next Friday between the hours of 5 and 11AM will be the time to pull the trigger, because Walmart's marking them down to $89 each. You won't get a game with that package, but you will save a chunk of change on your new handheld gaming machine.

Do any of Walmart's Black Friday deals look appealing to you? What would they need to offer to get you to show up at 5AM? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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