Korea Gets 'Mega Man Online' Trailer And Gameplay Glimpses

Mega Man Online

Don't confuse "Mega Man Online" with "Mega Man Universe." They're two very different games, and you'll be able to tell that much by comparing any of their gameplay videos that have been floating around. For instance, "Online" is a Korean-market game that's set in the Mega Man X universe and "Universe" is not — hence the new trailer and the appearance of Sting Chameleon that have emerged in the wake of Korea's G-Star games conference.

Much like the cut scenes from the "Street Fighter 4" games, the animated video posted on Kotaku is as much a pitch for a full-length animated feature as it is a marketing tool to get gamers interested in the game's action.

Gameplay footage has seeped out onto the Internet as well in videos such as this "Mega Man Online" demo on Siliconera. The title looks exactly the way you would expect a 2-D Mega Man X MMO to look.

Of course, if you're not in Korea, this is all fairly meaningless for now. Nevertheless, it's good to know about what they've got brewing on the other side of the Pacific. And if you don't like what you see right now, that's fine too, because you won't have to worry about "Online" appearing on your PC anytime in the near future, unless Capcom and Neowiz have something up their sleeves that they haven't shared yet.

Would you participate in "Mega Man Online" if it were available to you? Would you like to see the new trailer expanded into an animated feature? Share your opinions us with us in the comment section below.