'Dreamcast Collection' Named By GameStop

Dreamcast Collection

2010 has been a renaissance year for Dreamcast games. The Sega system's life after death has already produced "Crazy Taxi" and "Sonic Adventure" releases for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation Network, and the momentum may spill over into 2011 if there was anything to a GameStop listing for a so-called "Dreamcast Collection."

The page on GameStop.com has now been taken down, but before that happened it mentioned a $29.99 price point and a February 14 release date, Joystiq reports.

In my wildest dreams this would be a box of modern console-compatible discs pressed with refreshed editions of "Seaman," "Rez," "Resident Evil: Code: Veronica," "Crazy Taxi" and "Ikaruga" — maybe even "Marvel vs. Capcom 2." But that would involve too many rights and publishers to ever exist in the real world. It's more likely that it's just a disc-based collection of games currently available as downloads, namely "Crazy Taxi" and "Sonic Adventure."

Other Dreamcast games, including "Space Channel 5 Part 2" and "Sega Bass Fishing," have been named as upcoming digital releases as well, though, and $30 wouldn't be too much to pay for four or more games. In fact, if GameStop wanted to convince some publishers to to start bundling XBLA and PSN games together on discs to be sold at competitive prices, I might consider giving them some more business. Hey, it could happen, right?

What do you think the "Dreamcast Collection" will turn out to be? What Dreamcast games would you like to see remastered for current-gen consoles? Share your responses with us in the comment section below.

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