'Rage' Approved For iPhone's App Store

Rage iPhone

John Carmack has been talking about doing something "Rage"-oriented on the iPhone for quite awhile, and this year at QuakeCon he said that he wanted to have a "Rage" game out before 2010 ended. Well, he seems to have reached his goal, as id Software's new FPS has already slipped into the Australian App Store Store in both regular and HD versions and Carmack predicted that it would be on sale by Thursday.

"'Rage' mobile has been approved, it should be on the app store tomorrow morning," Carmack wrote this morning on his Twitter account.

The two versions of "Rage" come optimized for older iPhones and iPod touches or for the iPhone 4 and iPad. They also vary in size by about 200MB, which is to be expected. Right now, you'll have to be an Australia resident to find out how noticeable the difference in play experiences is, but tomorrow morning isn't all that far away, so the rest of the world should know soon enough. It does have a 12+ rating in Australia, though, so check with your parents first if you're younger than that and want to give it a whirl.

Developers are getting more and more ambitious these days with their iDevice graphics. "Rage" and Epic Games' "Infinity Blade" are definitely two going to be two of the highest profile experiments on the market when we've got them both to play around with. It is a great age for mobile gaming that we live in.

Are you going to download id's new mobile "Rage" game? Do you think it will by comparison to "Infinity Blade" when it's out? Share your expectations with us in the comment section below.