'Kingdom Hearts 3DS' To Enter New Disney Realms

Kingdom Hearts 3DS

Heroes Sora and Riku will return for Square Enix's "Kingdom Hearts 3DS," but the series' director Tetsuya Nomura wants to take them into some new Disney-verse places for the title. Asked if the game would retread old paths, he kept quiet about which settings would show up, but he did tease that previously unseen parts of the Kingdom are currently being discussed.

"We plan to make all new Disney worlds," Nomura told Famitsu, as translated in a report on Siliconera. The pair's 3DS journey will take them back to Traverse Town, but beyond that, Nomura's hoping to venture into unexplored scenes.

Depending on where they go, the game could potentially tie in directly with "Kingdom Hearts 3," though "Final Fantasy Versus XIII" is still MIA on the market, so don't expect anything more on that front too soon.

"Perhaps, the ending of 'Kingdom Hearts 3DS' will continue in 'Kingdom Hearts 3,'" Nomura suggested.

If the "Kingdom Hearts 3DS" worlds are only just now being picked, finalized story points for "KH3" are presumably up in the air as well. Still, the fact that Sora and Riku look so young for their 3DS debut raises a lot of questions about what direction this game will take.

I'm just speculating here, but the "Toy Story" trilogy and "Princess and the Frog" both have a lot of untapped material that the KH team could make use of. You also have to wonder if they'll be watching "Epic Mickey" for inspiration.

Which Disney characters and places would you like to see written in to "Kingdom Hearts 3DS"? Are you expecting to see "Kingdom Hearts 3" in 2011? Share your hopes with us in the comment section below.