'Super Meat Boy' On PC Getting 'Half-Life' Headcrabs Or 'World Of Goo' Goo

Super Meat Boy

We're getting ever-closer to the PC release of "Super Meat Boy," and every week we're getting new and interesting reasons to buy the game all over again. This week, we've got a decision to make. It seems that the guys at Team Meat will be replacing Gish with a different character for the PC release. Since Gish was one of the only unlockable characters originally created by Edmund McMillen (one of the two members of Team Meat), replacing him probably won't piss anyone off...save for the diehard "Gish" fans out there.

Thankfully his replacement will be a doozie. Depending on where you pick up the PC version, you'll get a different playable character to replace Gish. If you buy it on Steam, players are rewarded with a playable headcrab from the "Half-Life" series. Buy it elsewhere and you'll get to play as the goo balls from "World of Goo."

To indie snobs who say that "Half-Life" is not an indie game and therefore shouldn't have an unlockable character, Tommy Refenes, Team Meat's resident programmer, said, "I dare you to turn down a Headcrab. They are adorable." Agreed. I even have a plush headcrab on my desk to prove it.

"Super Meat Boy" is coming to PC on November 30 for $15, but if you pre-order the game on Steam, you'll get a 33% discount, which brings the price down to $10. Speaking of which, this is the last week to take advantage of the $5 discount on the XBLA version of the game, so get while the getting's good!

Oh, and in case you're keeping track, here's the current roster of PC-exclusive characters in "Super Meat Boy." Two more secret characters remain!

Headcrab from "Half-Life" (Exclusive to the Steam version)

Mr. Minecraft from "MineCraft"

Goo Balls from "World of Goo"

The Captain from "VVVVVV"

Josef the Robot from "Machinarium"

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