Sagat Tiger-Punching iPhones In 'Street Fighter 4' Update

Sagat Street Fighter 4 iPhone

"Street Fighter 4" has continued to welcome additional characters since it first appeared on the iPhone, and it looks like it's about to receive one or two new challengers, as well as a local match making upgrade.

A free upcoming update has been confirmed to include Sagat and the chance for local players to connect and challenge each other via Bluetooth over at the Capcom Unity blog. A screenshot featuring Sagat tossing an uppercut into Dee Jay made an appearance over on Shoryuken, however.

Right now, the main character-select screen hosts 12 fighters, so Sagat would need to bring someone else along if he wants to keep that grid symmetrical, and Dee Jay sounds like a fine choice to me.

After this update comes out, you'll be able to see other players' stats and achievements and await challengers while you're engaged in single-player matches. So basically, your iPhone will work just like an arcade machine. And Capcom really does love bringing arcade-style features to their iPhone games lately. Luckily, these "SF4" additions won't cost you anymore money if you already own the game. They're all free. They may cost you some respect, though, if your match stats are embarrassingly low compared to those of your friends. If that's the case, just tell them that you're an El Fuerte kind of person and that as soon as he arrives you'll whoop up on all of them.

Are you glad to see Sagat coming to the iPhone? What do you think of the new match making options that Capcom is introducing? Share your opinions with us in the comment section below.