'Diablo 3' Being Developed For Consoles

Diablo 3

"World of WarCraft" and "StarCraft" are all well and good, but when it comes to Blizzard games that really pinch my joy nerve, that pleasure is reserved for a little series known as "Diablo." Ever since the launch of "Diablo 3," every time I've met with the guys at Blizzard, I've asked them one recurring question: Is it coming to consoles? They've always been cagey, but the last time I spoke with Rob Pardo, the Executive Vice President of Game Design at Blizzard, he said that "Diablo" would be the easiest of their franchises to bring to the console marketplace. And now it seems that they're going through with it!

Gamasutra spotted a job posting on Blizzard's official site, looking for none other than a Lead Programmer and a Lead Designer for "Diablo 3" on Console. No platform is listed, but there aren't a whole lot of ways to interpret either job listing, which asks for people with "prior experience in console game development."

Another interesting tidbit is listed under one of the Pluses: "Experience with shipping or porting multi-platform games." That could be interpreted in a few ways. One way is that the game will be developed on a single console and then ported to another. Alternatively, it could just mean that the console version will just be a port of the PC version.

Personally I believe that a PS3 and an Xbox 360 version is likely, though it's also likely that the console versions won't launch on the same day as the PC/Mac version, since they're only now getting dedicated team leads. But hey, since we don't have a release date for the PC/Mac version, it's really anyone's guess. I reached out to Blizzard to get an official comment on the job posting, and fully anticipate getting something vague and non-committal in response. When I do, I'll happily fill you in.

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