iTunes Mystery Announcement Coming Tomorrow

Apple Clock

Update: Apparently The Beatles catalog will be available on iTunes, which is what the announcement was about. Oops.

Oh, Apple. It seems like every two weeks they've got a new doodad or thingamagibbit that's going to make your day a bit brighter, and tomorrow is no different. The official Apple site is teasing an iTunes announcement which seems to have something to do with clocks.

You may recall that Apple's had some issues with clocks in the last few weeks. iPhone and iPod Touch alarm clocks, for example, sorta forgot to adjust for daylight savings time, which resulted in millions of people showing up late for work all over the world. It was dubbed "The Day The People Slept In" by, well, me. Seems that this is the sorta thing that could be fixed with an iTunes update of iOS. Perhaps the launch of iOS 4.2, which has already entered Gold Master?

What I don't think it'll be is the early launch of the Mac App Store, which is planned for release at the end of the month. Unlike the iPhone App Store, the Mac App Store will reside outside of iTunes, so lumping it in with an iTunes announcement just seems confusing.

But what else could it be? Well, thankfully our curiosity needn't run into overdrive for very long, as the mysterious clocks are telling us that 10AM Eastern (7AM Pacific) is when all will be revealed. Ok, a few more guesses: the ability to connect your Facebook friend list with Ping? An Apple-branded Alarm clock? iTunes-branded slippers? It could be anything! Check back tomorrow and we'll be sure to give you the lowdown on all the magic clock news.