'Fable 3' DLC On Sale Next Week

Fable 3

Just when you thought Sir Ben Kingsley and his fellow "Fable 3" cast members were living happily ever after on your Xbox 360, Lionhead Studios has laid out plans for three more quests in their Understone Quest Pack. And as it turns out, the new adventures take place right beneath the streets of Bowerstone where you've been hanging out all along.

The three new quests, "The Voice," "Shooting Range" and "The Wheel of Fortune," will be available for 400 Microsoft Points, according to an announcement from Lionhead Studios. They'll be accompanied in the Xbox Live Marketplace by some cosmetic add-ons for your hero and dog in the form of corn rows, an afro and asymmetrical bob styles hairdos for 160 MS Points and the 5 Star Dog Potion for 80 Points, which helps your little buddy dig, dive and find hidden chests much more efficiently.

The underground deviation from your core story in "Fable 3" hearkens back to the Spire from "Fable 2," which inspired Montague Hummes to build up his own little Club Med bunker down where the sun don't shine. Unfortunately, the people there have an annoying voice telling them what to do, and as the revolutionary that you bought "Fable 3" to become, it's incumbent upon you to make some hard choices and help them out.

So leave them hanging, or help rid the world of disembodied authoritarian rants. It's your call, after all; "Fable 3" is all about choices. But the new quest pack will be there, just so you know.

Are you keen on grabbing some more quests for "Fable 3"? How does it stack up to the series' first two games in your eyes? Share your opinions with us in the comment section below.