'Angry Birds' Planned For Xbox, PlayStation Network And Wii Releases

Angry Birds

Android users received a pleasant surprise back in October when Rovio released "Angry Birds" for free on their mobile platform of choice. The company, whose publishing partner Chillingo recently got scooped up by EA, has been participating this week in London's Social Gaming Summit and the Virtual Goods Summit today, and it looks like they'll be following in the path of "Plants vs. Zombies" as they try to slingshot their unique brand of fun onto a wide variety of new systems.

CEO Peter Vesterbacka indicated that "Angry Birds" would be coming out for the Xbox 360, PlayStation Network and Wii, according a report on Pocket Gamer. Additionally, he shot down hopes for "Angry Birds 2," but did hint at something new which may approach the game's universe from the pigs' perspective.

Rovio will even have leg up on "PvZ" if they make it onto the Wii first. Evidently, the phrase "for starters" was used, which suggests that other ports may follow. The 3DS and PSP would be logical choices, but each of these new homes is going to require some rethinking for the "AB" controls.

With these big-time expansion plans, Rovio may even want to consider a licensed line of Halloween costumes for 2011. I saw enough people trying to pull birds off this year, and they've already got plushes rolling out.

Which platform would you like to see "Angry Birds" released on next? Would you be interested in playing a pigs game? Share your opinions with us in the comment section below.