Treyarch Rages At Glitch Exploiters In 'Call Of Duty: Black Ops'

Call of Duty Black Ops

Just like "Modern Warfare 2" before it, "Call of Duty: Black Ops" shipped with numerous multiplayer bugs that users are gradually finding, reporting and also exploiting. Treyarch's taking a hard line against everyone posting video evidence and attempting to become "Internet nerd famous," though; so said Treyarch design director David Vonderhaar.

"Some are people using old dashboards or old versions of the game," Vonderhaar wrote in the game's official forums, according to a report on GameSpy (the forums appear to be down right now). "Others are claiming victory on old dev builds that don't even connect to the version of Xbox Live that you use. Others are reproducible issues that we will hotfix or patch just like we said we would. In essence, we likely know more about it than you do from watching a video on Vimeo or YouTube."

Vonderhaar didn't want to "make mini-celebrities out of douche-bags" by posting a laundry list of offenders and their video posts, but he did lash out at the culture that he believes is giving them their fame.

"What many of these people want is to be Internet nerd famous," Vonderhaar explained. "I'm not going to make them famous and you shouldn't either. Internet hysteria from normal people is exactly what they want and that's how many people reacted today."

In the end, he expressed a vote of confidence in Treyarch's team that's now working on fixes for problems that have materialized. If you're one of the people he's referencing who've posted a glitch exploitation in action online, though, you might want to want in the other direction if you ever run into him on the street and he knows who you are.

Do you agree with Vonderhaar's stance on glitch exploiters? Have you run into any annoyances playing "Black Ops" multiplayer? Share your responses with us in the comment section below.