Apple Wireless Headsets Rumored For iDevices


Apple could be offering some wireless headphone alternatives for iPhone, iPod and iPad users at some point in the near future. The company is rumored to have acquired Wi-Gear, the maker of iMuffs, which would give them a ready-to-use arm for putting out Bluetooth enabled ear pieces.

Apple bought the San Fracisco-based designer two months ago for a mystery sum, according to a source speaking to 9to5Mac, and as the report points out, Wi-Gear's founder and lead engineer Michael Kim's LinkedIn profile now lists Apple Inc. as his employer.

If the source was correct, the buy-up wasn't just for Wi-Gear's talent, but for their tech as well, which means that some first-party Bluetooth headphones could show up down the road in the Apple Store accessories section. For any iPod owner who prefers Apple-brand add-ons and has ever jerked their head up too fast and caused an interruption in the music flowing from their pocket, these ear-huggers will be welcome releases.

New buyers might also enjoy having the option of purchasing new iPhones and iPods with wireless headphones bundled in instead of Apple's standard buds. The story doesn't say anything about a timeframe or specific products, though, so all of this is just pure speculation. If the rumors are true, they might have to make some adjustments to their trademark silhouette ads, but Apple's surely already thought of that.

Would you like to be able to buy an iDevice with wireless headphones? Do you think that's what Apple plans on doing with their newly-acquired resources? Share your opinions with us in the comment section below.