Activision Looks Ahead To Call Of Duty Plans In 2011

Call of Duty 2011

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick has gone on the record saying he'd love to launch a subscription-based Call of Duty MMO as soon as possible, and with EA releasing a free-to-play Battlefield MMO in 2011, it could be interesting to watch the two models compete. Activision hasn't publicly confirmed exactly what they're going to do with their flagship FPS franchise now that "Black Ops" is ready to ship, but they have reaffirmed their increased investment in the brand and teased some new ventures.

"Strong demand and close to a decade of solid performance give us a confidence to continue invest in heavily in this brand, we should off the more opportunities for long-term growth than ever before," Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg said in a call to investors this week, according to a report on MCV.

Hirshberg predicted lots of digital content for the new year and an effort to "expand the franchise globally," as well another perennial FPS release, which was to be expected.

"And I think we have still a big opportunity to do a better job there and better satisfy players' demand in exciting new content, new ways to play and new services that we'll talk to you about in the future," he explained.

The "new ways to play" line seems like the closest thing to a confirmation we'll get for now that Activision is working on a CoD MMO. Alternatively, maybe they really are devising something that no one's thought of before. Licensed Call of Duty paintball arena chain, anyone?

What would you like to see Activision do next with the Call of Duty brand? Do you think they should follow EA's lead or opt for a subscription-based service? Share your predictions with us in the comment section below.