Square Enix Gives Life To Two Facebook Games

Square Enix Facebook games

Have you ever been playing "Mafia Wars" or "FarmVille" and thought to yourself, "Boy, I wish there were some games available very to similar this, only built around elements of the Final Fantasy universe?" Square Enix appears to have contemplated such things, because two game called "Knights of the Crystals" and "Chocobo's Crystal Tower" are now available as Facebook apps.

"We're pleased to be supporting social gaming with these two exciting new Facebook games that offer very different but fun and friendly experiences," Square Enix's digital sales director Antony Douglas said in a press release. "Both titles encourage socialising and adventure and boast a wide variety of content to keep players entertained."

The two games are both in beta right now, but free to play. "Knights" is an RPG that requires you to leverage your friends' help to take down enemies and collect treasure, while the Chocobo game features competitive breeding on a Chocobo ranch where you raise birds to maturity and then send them off on wild adventures.

Feather trading and in-game purchasing are encouraged, as you might expect, and if you're predisposed to getting caught up in social games and/or love FF spin-offs, you may want to set aside large chunks of spare time over the next few weeks.

Have you taken a crack at "Knights of the Crystals" or "Chocobo's Crystal Tower" yet? Do you think the world is ready for FF universe-based social gaming on Facebook? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.