'Gran Turismo 6' Is In Development

Gran Turismo 6

"Gran Turismo 5" is still expected to ship by the end of the year, despite a grand prix-caliber series of delays. Nevertheless, work has begun on "Gran Turismo 6" and the racing series' creator Kazunori Yamauchi is willing to confirm that, even if he doesn't want to say too much.

"Yeah," he acknowledged when asked if "GT6" development had started in an interview with AutoWeek.

After seeing work on "GT5" drag out for as long as it has, it's understandable that Yamauchi might not want to jump the gun and get everyone's hopes up for his team's next sequel. And he seemed acutely aware of that in his response.

"It's not something that we can talk that lightly on," he explained. "It took 2,000 days to get all the ideas that went into 'GT5.' It's just too early to be talking about 'GT6.'"

He's still hoping that "GT5" will be perfect, however, and it may need to be to satisfy restless fans who expected to be able to buy the game back last March. It is the tease that keeps on teasing, though, and for those who expect attention to detail, I'm sure most players would rather the game work out all of its kinks before launching, rather than winding up on end-of-the year lists being called 2010's "Fallout: New Vegas" of driving titles.

Do you have any anticipation to spare for "Gran Turismo 6"? Would you just like to see Polyphony Digital pull the trigger already and get "5" out the door? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.