'Dance Central' Ne-Yo And Lady Sovereign DLC Goes On Sale

"Dance Central" wouldn't be much of a modern music game if it didn't make a few tracks available as DLC, and with "Dance Central 2" still in early pre-production, the elite dancers of the gaming world are going to need to make their first Kinect experience last. Ne-Yo, Lady Sovereign and Sean Paul have decided to join Lady Gaga and M.I.A. by taking the lead and putting out the title's first DLC tracks, which are now available at 240 MS Points each.

Ne-Yo's "Because of You," Lady Sovereign's "I Got You Dancing" and Sean Paul's "Temperature" are now available over Xbox Live, according to an announcement today. They've been accompanied by some avatar accessories and clothes, too, including a boom box, outfits, sunglasses, hats, shoes and ELIOT the Robot.

The tracks will run a little more than you're probably used to paying for "Rock Band" music, but these things require brand new choreography, so factor that into the value while you ponder whether or not to acquire them.

In the meantime, if you've already exhausted the core game's track list and are ready for new tunes to dance to, you have my sincerest admiration. Furthermore, the 32 songs, 600 moves and 90 dance routines that are already included on-disc are formidable, so if you've bested them all less than a day after release, you should probably have your own professional troupe or something.

What do you think of "Dance Central" so far? What other tracks would you like to see made available as DLC? Share your opinions with us in the comment section below.