Capcom Launches Experimental Arcade For iPhone

Capcom Arcade

Capcom has been one of the most active major publishers on Apple's App Store, with varying degrees of success on a number of titles like "Street Fighter 4," "Mega Man 2" and "Ghosts 'n Goblins." Their latest release, however, is a bit different. "Capcom Arcade" is a compilation of classic Capcom arcade games like "Street Fighter 2," "Commando" and "1942." It's also free...but there's a catch.

Players are able to download "Capcom Arcade" for free, but it limits you to only three game tokens per day. Once you use those up, you can purchase chunks of tokens for real money so you can keep playing, or you can buy an entire arcade game and unlock unlimited play for as long as you have the app. If this is starting to sound familiar, it's a lot like Microsoft's "Game Room" initiative on Xbox Live, which had an identical pay scheme.

It's clever, but I'm wondering whether it'll be successful. At present, user reviews for "Capcom Arcade" aren't exactly glowing, with complaints about the game's controls and issues with lag. But, unlike that buyer's remorse that kicks in when you download a poorly-ported classic, you can play it three times for free and then never touch it again. And if you find that it's actually not half bad? No problem, you can buy it right there without having to download an additional game.

Currently the full list of games in "Capcom Arcade" includes "Street Fighter 2," "Ghouls 'n Ghosts," "1942" and "Commando." Capcom is also promising "special premium DLC 'cheats' that unlock special abilities, upgrades and weapons," which sounds a little silly and sacrilegious to add to classic games, but hey, if that's what they people want, I guess they'll vote with their wallets.