Mysterious Battlefield Announcement Coming Friday


By the end of this week, we should all know about a new Battlefield game from EA, but it won't be called "Battlefield 3" or "Battlefield Assault." Somewhere in London, the plot to make whatever it is public is commencing, and Easy's general manager Ben Cousins is hard at work, but his teases via Twitter aren't giving up the title just yet.

"Flying to London later today to show a new, unannounced #Battlefield game to the press," Cousins wrote yesterday. "News goes public on Friday. (NOT #BF3)"

He went on to smother any rumors that a URL EA acquired might indicate that the name "Assault" will be a part of his programming for the end of the week.

"I am NOT going to London to announce any game called 'Battlefield Assault,'" he explained. "That is just a URL EA picked up."

So if it's not a sequel, what does EA plan on announcing? An MMO shooter would be a fair guess, considering some analysts have predicted something along those lines to be coming from the Call of Duty brand at Activision. A 3DS game might also be a possibility, though it's tough to imagine such a big press event for a portable title on an unreleased system. And don't forget about that Panasonic Jungle! It could use some love and a big-name game property.

So what do you think the new Battlefield game will turn out to be? What do you want it to be? Share your proposals with us in the comment section below.