'Rock Band 3' Getting Retooled Fender Squier

Fender Rock Band 3 guitar

Have you graduated through all of the "Rock Band" difficulty levels and need something a little more demanding to challenge your fingers? Well, Fender has decided to blur the line between instrument and music game controller once and for all and devise a new Squier guitar that serves as a fully functional instrument while plugged into an amp or a game console. And best off all for aspiring musician/gamers, it requires you to actually play the music, so your skills will translate from "Rock Band 3" directly to the stage.

The special edition Squier boasts a 22-fret maple neck, steel strings, enclosed tuners, adjustable bridge and custom bridge pickup, according to info on Fender.com. At $279.99, the guitar will be pre-orderable on January 1, 2011 and officially become available on March 1.

At that price, it's definitely not for the casual player, but if you've got the fingers and the commitment, this is probably going to be the be all and end all way to impress your fellow "Rock Band" players. Alternatively, if you're an exceptionally gifted musician who happens to be terrible with a rainbow-buttoned guitar controller, this new Squier may be a godsend.

You'll only be able to use it in the guitar sections of Pro mode in "Rock Band 3," according to the fine print on the site, but with the use of a MadCatz MIDI Pro adapter, you should be able to use it for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii.

Does the special edition Squier for "Rock Band 3" look pretty boss to you? Do you think you can handle it? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.