'Civilization 5' For Mac Dated

Civilization 5 Mac

"Civilization 5" came labeled with a "holiday season" launch window when 2K Games and Aspyr announced it would be making the voyage to Mac last month. Thankfully for nation-constructing Mac-users, they meant the 2010 holiday season, as pre-order incentive prizes and a launch date of November 25 have now been unveiled as well.

If you choose to pre-order your copy of "Civ 5," you won't be guaranteed any bonuses, but Aspyr will enter you in a drawing to win a special edition of the title autographed by Sid Meier himself, and if you don't get selected to win one of those, you could also win an Aspyr T-shirt. One of those sounds significantly better than the other, but you won't stand a chance at winning either item unless you order the game prior to its November 25 release; Aspyr recommends that you do so via GameAgent.com.

The press release doesn't reveal exactly how many copies of the "Sid Meier's Civilization 5 Mac: Special Edition" they have lying around waiting to be won, but there are apparently only ten T-shirts. If their entire pre-order push bombs and there are only eleven entries, though, your swag-winning chances should be pretty golden.

And who could put a price on Sid Meier's signature? I don't see any examples up on eBay right now, so you might be able to corner the market and flip it for more than the price of your game if you so choose. Then again, if you're pre-ordering "Civ 5," you probably have a vested emotional interest in this long-running series and would never consider such a thing.

Are you planning to get "Civ 5" for your Mac? What do you think of Aspyr's pre-order giveaways? Share your responses with us in the comment section below.