Long-Awaited 'Fruit Ninja' Secret Mode Revealed

Fruit Ninja

For nearly a year, one of the best-selling games on the iPhone, "Fruit Ninja," has been keeping a secret. Fans of the fruit-slicing phenomenon have no-doubt noticed a mystery mode listed in the game's main menu (labeled as a spinning banana with the words "Coming Soon" written around it). New modes like Multiplayer have been added since the appearance of the mystery banana, and yet Halfbrick, the game's developer, has remained silent on its purpose. Until now!

Turns out the mystery banana everyone has been waiting to peel is...Arcade mode. Ok, sort of anti-climactic, but it does look rather fun. The concept of Arcade mode is to offer a short, minute-long playthrough of "Fruit Ninja," not unlike Zen mode. The difference, though, is while Zen mode has no bombs, Arcade mode will have plenty of them. It'll also have power-ups to mix up the gameplay.

The power-ups come in the form of patterned bananas (what else?) which will grant you temporary boosts like double points. Other power-ups include Frenzy, which sends a ton of fruit on-screen at once, and Freeze, which causes all the fruit on-screen to stand in place. The power-ups don't activate the moment they're swiped, either. Instead you collect them in an inventory, allowing you to summon a ton of fruit with Frenzy, pause the lot of it with Freeze, and them rack up your score with Double points. "Fruit Ninja" has always been about managing chaos, but it's cool to see the developers adding a bit of strategy to the game, as well.

The Arcade mode update is coming sometime in November and will be free for anyone who has already purchased "Fruit Ninja." According to the developer, the update will be coming to the iPad version of the game, as well, and will include Weekly leaderboards solely for Arcade mode.

Here's a trailer showing off the mode: