'The 7th Guest' Coming Back For iPhones From Trilobyte

The 7th Guest

In a blast from the CD-ROM-based gaming era's past, "The 7th Guest" appeared in a few interesting places this week, and in one of the least expected pieces of gaming news that you're likely to hear this month, its developer Trilobyte appears to be back as part of an effort to put the original title and its sequel "The 11th Hour" on iPhones. "Trilobyte Games, LLC," as their Facebook page explains, has been "re-organized" in order to "bring existing and new gaming titles to mobile platforms," and Trilobyte's original heads are involved.

"I'm excited to bring this ground-breaking classic title to new platforms and a new generation of gamers," Trilobyte co-founder Rob Landeros said in a press release. "The port has been seamless, and our team has optimized the code for a full-range of mobile devices. Props to Trilobyte co-founder Graeme Devine for supporting our efforts and working with us to make this happen."

"The 7th Guest" should be in the App Store by early December, according to the announcement. There's no timeline for "The 11th Hour," but "a re-engineered version," as well as "mobile platform versions of 'Psych,' 'Let's Do Diddley,' 'POV' and a new version of 'TLC'" are all mentioned in Trilobyte's plans. I don't see "Clandestiny" on there, but an iPhone edition of that would certainly fall within their mission statement.

Would you return to "The 7th Guest" on the iPhone or iPad? What do you think about Trilobyte's return? Share your reactions with us in the comment section below.