How Spielberg's 'LMNO' Lived, Died And Could Live On At EA

Steven Spielberg LMNO

Steven Spielberg's secret EA project "LMNO" looked like it could still be in the works earlier this year, but EA confirmed in October that it was in fact dead. There's a big, meaty feature by Matt Leone over on 1UP, however, that sheds some light on why "LMNO" spent a long time in pre-production, hung on by a thread for a while, and eventually ended altogether.

It turns out that Spielberg's project may have suffered from too much ambition, too few concrete results and too little commercial appeal to EA execs. Despite having one of the biggest names in entertainment backing it, "LMNO" reportedly encountered internal competition at the company with "Mirror's Edge," lost some key supporters politically along the way and couldn't streamline its creative priorities.

"To be honest, they were given a lot of time," a source close to the project told 1UP. "So when people talk about this game at EA — people who don't really know about it — they're like, 'What happened?' They had two, two and a half years to dick around, and they really had nothing to show for it."

The report also offers a tantalizing look into what was produced in an effort to build an extremely replayable, 3-hour game with an innovative use of AI. If there's any comfort to take away from the end of it, it's that we might one day see some of the "LMNO" team's work integrated into another game, but mostly, you'll probably just shake your head in bewilderment and frustration.

Would you like to have seen EA give "LMNO" more time and resources, or do you think they made the right call pulling the plug? Share your opinions with us in the comment section below.