'Alan Wake' And 'Forza 3' Pile Into Xbox 360 Holiday Bundles

Alan Wake Xbox 360 bundle

There hasn't exactly been a shortage of Xbox 360 bundles on the market in 2010, especially since the new slim black models came out. If you want to by a console with Kinect, you can do that; if you want one with "Halo: Reach," you can grab that as well. Recently, some 250GB units with "Alan Wake" and "Forza 3" started showing up outside the U.S., though, and residents here looking to get in on that action were left with few options. That's all changed, however, as the box has been tagged for the holidays.

The $299.99 packages will start arriving on retailer shelves "over the next few weeks," according to a post on Major Nelson's blog. There will be something slightly non-traditional about it, though; while the copy of "Forza 3" shown on the box will come on a disc, "Alan Wake" will be made available via a token that gets you a full game download off of Xbox Live.

Your brand new 250GB HDD should barely blink at that 6.3GB download, of couse, but I wouldn't be surprised if more console bundles started including deals like this in the new year. Granted, you can't sell or trade in downloadable games when you get tired of them (and don't get me wrong, it's not that I'm under the impression "Alan Wake" is a sought-after collector's item right now), but less physical units means less expense for packaging and production, and game companies have to like that idea.

Would you be interested in picking up an "Alan Wake" 360 bundle? Do you think downloadable games with new consoles are going to be a trend? Share your expectations with us in the comment section below.