New TimeSplitters On The Table For Crytek UK


It's been about half a decade since Free Radical Design put out "TimeSplitters: Future Perfect" for the PlayStation 2, Xbox and GameCube, and a lot of things have changed since. Free Radical's studio name is among them; they now go by "Crytek UK," and they're looking for new projects to line up following their work on the multiplayer part of "Crysis 2." Whether or not monkeys with weapons will show up again will have to be dealt with later, but a new TimeSplitters game could realistically happen.

"We're talking to publishers at the moment about whether that's [TimeSplitters] a viable route or not," Crytek UK managing director Karl Hilton told Eurogamer.

Locking down a publisher will be key, but Hilton seemed optimistic.

"It's down to us talking to publishers about what their interest is and where they see it going," he explained. "If they're keen for a TS game, then we'd be happy to do one. If they'd like us to develop something new then we'd do that."

Hilton called the original "TimeSplitters" "a game of its time" and acknowledged that "it was quite British" — a potential obstacle for a property publishers would want to sell internationally to the largest possible audience. His comments sound as though at least a few publishers out there believe it could be done, though, so one day soon you may not need to reach back in time for a console in order to play a TS title.

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