'Super Meat Boy' WiiWare Release Stalled

Super Meat Boy WiiWare

"Super Meat Boy" may have received a soundtrack, a provocative launch-week sale on Xbox Live and a trailer that will melt your brain like an NES cart in a frying pan, but it's also been hit with some complications and a delay for the Wii. As a result, you likely won't be able to snag the game until December at the earliest.

A November launch is currently "impossible," according to an update made yesterday to the official Team Meat Twitter account. The tweet blamed file size for the delay, explaining that they are currently attempting to shrink their little guy's adventure so that it takes up less than 50MB, with 39MB being their targeted goal.

As if right now, it looks like you should still be in good shape if you were waiting to grab "SMB" via Steam for your Mac or Windows PC, though, as it's still listed on Steam for this month. Meanwhile, if you want it for your Xbox 360, there should be absolutely nothing stopping you, since it's already up in the Xbox Live Marketplace.

As soon as Team Meat gets their compression algorithm straightened out, I'm sure everything will be back on track. Just remember, they're an independent developer and they definitely want to get their walking hunk of meat into your Wii as soon as possible; they just have to crunch the codes.

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