Xbox 360 Dashboard Update, ESPN Channel Now Available

Xbox 360 Dashboard update

If you want your Kinect peripherals to work when they come in this week, you're going to want to download Microsoft's Fall Xbox 360 Dashboard update that's just gone live. The new set of features includes extra perks for Xbox Live Gold members (as it should, given this week's subscription rate hike), and sport fans in particular are going to want to make the upgrade, because the ESPN content Microsoft announced at E3 over the summer is now available as well.

The update may cause you to feel a little disoriented at first, but the Xbox team has packaged a quick tutorial into it to help you get acclimated. Additionally, Major Nelson's blog has a laundry list of features posted so that you'll know what to look for.

Improved voice chat quality, Gamertag creation assistance, improvements to the in-dashboard keyboard and new family settings and programs will all be accessible to you after your download and installation complete. If you've got a Gold subscription, you'll also be getting some ESPN, Zune and Netflix searchability options.

My first reaction was elation when I downloaded the ESPN channel and saw the SportsCenter logo on the menu. Alas, you're only getting access to "SportsCenter Now," will have fairly recent news updates for you, but not all of the colorful commentary you'd be getting if fully grown "SportsCenter" segments were actually waiting on the other side of your click.

Have you updated your dashboard yet? Which new features are you most curious about? Share your opinions with us in the comment section below.