'Super Crate Box' - The Best Free Game You'll Play Today

Super Crate Box

So you're stuck at work after spending all night trying to get past that one level in "Super Meat Boy." You're reliving your failure over and over again in your mind, and the only way to get over it is to play something equally insanely difficult and frustrating. Enter "Super Crate Box," which happens to share 10 similar letters with Team Meat's platformer. They're not related, but they are both punishingly difficulty and incredibly well-made. As an added bonus, "Super Crate Box" is free.

"Super Crate Box" is developed by Vlambeer, a two-man studio from the wilds of Holland. According to the official "SCB" website, the game's goal is to "bring back the glory of the golden arcade age." Apparently that means sending a crapload of enemies at you at once, and giving you zero room for error.

Here's the idea: You score points in "Super Crate Box" by collecting crates. Once you pick of a crate, another appears randomly somewhere else in the map. Picking up a crate also gives you one of the game's dozen or so weapons, but the moment you pick up the next crate, your weapon will randomly switch again. Some of the weapons are great (the revolver, for example, can take out any enemy in one or two shots) and some are horrifically bad (the disc gun fires a disc which can ricochet off the nearest wall, bounce back, and kill you).

While you're going about your insane crate collecting quest, there are enemies to worry about. Enemies stream down from the top of the screen to the bottom. If you don't kill them by the time they reach the bottom, they get ANGRY. In this case, angry means turning red and running really fast, not unlike the crazed enemies that appeared in "Bubble Bobble" if you didn't pop them in time.

It's one touch from an enemy and you're back at square one, so "Super Crate Box" becomes this insane game of enemy management and crate collection. To keep you playing, there are unlockable characters, weapons maps and modes, though they'll take some steely-eyed platforming to nab.

I'd like to remind you at this point that "Super Crate Box" is free. And doesn't require an installation (it just needs to be extracted from a .RAR file), so you won't need Admin access to play. And, once more, it's free. Download it or else.