'FEAR 3' Not Scared To Reveal Release Date And Pre-Order Incentives


Warner Bros. brought on some serious horror expertise for "F.E.A.R. 3" by recruiting John Carpenter and Steve Niles. Now, they've got a serious release date of March 22, 2011 as well. The blood-soaked sequel with some innovative plans for its co-op play has opted for a launch closer to St. Patrick's Day than Halloween, but WBIE will still be stashing various treats into pre-orderers' boxes when it hits, such as comic books and extra weaponry.

Amazon.com will be getting an exclusive 12-page comic, appropriately enough from Niles and artist Stefano Raffaele via DC Comics, according to a press release. The book will contain a prequel story that helps set up the game.

Best Buy customers, meanwhile, will receive a special sidearm called The Shredder, which shoots metal rounds laced with nitrates, and GameStop will be offering a weapon called The Hammer that fires hefty .50 caliber rounds.

The trailers for the game looks hella creepy so far, even if I can't tell how much of the intensity they show off comes from the actual gameplay or merely the editing that's gone into them. Carpenter and Niles brought us "The Thing" and "30 Days of Night," though, so I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt that a supernatural military/horror shooter siphoning brain power from both of them will have a few scary surprises.

What are your expectations like for "FEAR 3" right now? Do any of these offers sound enticing enough to convince you to pre-order it? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.