'Scribblenauts' Studio's New XBL Shooter Titled 'Hybrid'


If you've doodled around in 5th Cell's "Scribblenauts" or "Super Scribblenauts," you probably weren't expecting to see the studio's next project turn out to be a third-person shooter that looks distinctly more "Killzone 3"-ish. They've unleashed some announcement teases for an Xbox Live Arcade title called "Hybrid," though, and that's exactly the kind of game they appear to have in store.

5th Cell already has a site set up for "Hybrid" at WhatIsHybrid.com, and you may not get that question answered right now, but the menu there does offer you a choice between clicking on a "Paladin" option and another labeled "Variant." 5th Cell promises a "new gameplay experience never seen before in the genre" on 5thCell.com, which could be the same kind of marketing hyperbole almost everyone game gets introduced with these days. It does make you wonder what they plan on doing differently, however, especially after seeing the trailer:

Obviously, there's going to be some kind of choice involved. Whether that turns out to be a simple good guys vs. bad guys decision or something more layered and complex along the lines of "Fallout: New Vegas" or "Fable 3" remains to be seen, but we do know that there's been a brutal war and some bad blood between at least two factions. Hopefully 5th Cell will answer some questions soon while such things are still fresh on everyone's minds.

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