'Team Fortress 2' Halloween Update Features Horseless Headless Horseman

Team Fortress 2

Can't say I ever expected to see anything resembling a "boss fight" in "Team Fortress 2," but it seems Valve is full of surprises. Today marks the release of the Halloween-themed update for the game, and it contains a brand new character: the Horseless Headless Horsemann. See, he's just like the headless horseman from "Sleepy Hollow," but without, you know, the horse. He's still got the axe and the pumpkin head, though!

The update introduces a brand new map called Mann Manor which is, as you'd expect, very spooky. It's here that you'll spot the Horsemann, who appears and runs around, lopping off any heads he happens upon. One minute you're trying to backstab a runaway scout, and the next you're both blasting away at a dude with a pumpkin head. Yep, that's what I call a major shift in tone.

Taking down the Horsemann will earn players an achievement and will let them collect special haunted metal off his body. The metal can be used to craft a brand new Saxton Hale mask, which presumably makes your player look like this dude.

It's great to see that Valve is willing to mess with the "Team Fortress 2" paradigm every once in a while. The depth and range of the classes means the game could easily work as a co-op action game against AI baddies, and the Horsemann might just be an early peek of what's to come for "TF 2" fans. While we wait, make sure you head home and update the game so you can enjoy taking down ol' pumpkin head yourself. He's totally asking for it.