'Super Meat Boy' Soundtrack Available Now

Super Meat Boy

One of the hardest parts of writing a game review is knowing that you can't always hit every important aspect of a game. Sometimes certain elements must be skimmed for the brevity and clarity of the piece. One such element is the soundtrack in "Super Meat Boy," which is something I mentioned briefly in my review but really deserves its own 500 word review. The entire game is peppered with old school-style tracks which are memorable but never annoying, even after you've played through the same level 67 times.

The soundtrack was created by danny B of dBsoundworks and it consists of 33 tracks from the game. You can download the lot of it right now for just $4 (or more if you want to support indie game soundtrack creation in the future). It's an incredible steal, and considering "Super Meat Boy" was on sale for $10 at launch, you can spend the $5 you saved on the soundtrack! Everybody wins!

You can actually listen to all the tracks right here, so you can try before you buy. My personal favorite? The appropriately-titled "Fast Track to Browntown", which is the music that plays during the world three boss or may or may not be made of poop.

Have you been enjoying "Super Meat Boy"? I certainly hope so! Let us know how far you've gotten, who your favorite character is or how many controllers you've broken so far. The secret character on World 5 very nearly caused me to rip the analog sticks off my controller and throw them out the window. And yet I still keep coming back for more!