'Bioshock 2' DLC Coming To PC After All

Bioshock 2 DLC PC

The "Protector Trials" and "Minerva's Den" DLC packs for for "Bioshock 2" offered some plasmid shots in the arms for 2K Games' lively sequel. 2K stopped short of bringing their new single-player challenges and world extensions to the PC, however, which, according to an announcement today, prompted enough feedback to get some resources reallocated and cause plans to change.

"I have some good news concerning the 'BioShock 2' PC patch as well as the development of Protector Trials and Minerva's Den for the PC," a 2K Games representative wrote in a forum post at 2KGames.com. "Not to keep you in suspense any longer, I'll sum it up with one sentence: We have resumed development on all three and they will be coming to PC."

A PC patch and "Protector Trials" should be good to go by December, and work behind the scenes will continue to push forward into the new year for Minerva.

"When we stopped development on Minerva's Den, it was not in a workable state and needed significantly more dev time to complete," the post explained. "As of now, we are not certain how much longer it would take to complete the project to our standards, but we have reallocated resources to work on completing the project so PC gamers can have this experience in Rapture along with 360 and PS3 owners."

So the next time you think about criticizing someone for running their mouth off on a forum somewhere, just remember, that's how you get things to happen sometimes.

Are you glad 2K decided to change course and bring its "Bioshock 2" DLC to the PC? Are you going to grab it all when it's out? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.