PlayStation Rewards Wants To Give You Stuff

PlayStation Rewards

Have you seen the nifty offerings like beta access and early demos that the PlayStation Plus program has been giving out to its subscribers and thought that Sony should have been honoring you just for playing its games systems and titles all along? Well, the PlayStation Rewards initiative may be much more to your liking, since that's what it seems to be geared toward.

"PlayStation's most important asset is its loyal fans and PlayStation Rewards gives us an opportunity to show our appreciation for their amazing passion and desire to continually evolve the gaming world," PlayStation Network senior director Susan Panico said in a press release. "We can't thank our fans enough for the feedback they have given us over the years and look forward to even more dialog to help us evolve PlayStation Rewards to make it the best possible loyalty program it can be."

Rewards will be a free service that doesn't require a Plus subscription for participation, though early Plus adopters will be among those invited into Rewards while it's still in its beta phase. The general public can expect to gain access in Spring 2011.

Rewards members will get separated into three categories, "Select," "Pro" and "Legendary," based on their purchasing habits and other activities on the PlayStation Network. Exclusive avatars and PlayStation Home content are listed among the potential prizes to be won, in addition to access to contests and sweepstakes, the first of which will feature "an all expenses paid trip" to the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Are you going to be interested in what PlayStation Rewards has to offer? What would you like to see them use as incentives? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.