Blizzard Wants New MMO To Co-Exist With 'World Of WarCraft'

Blizzard's new MMO

Blizzard's MMO specialists have enough on their plates right now with "Cataclysm" coming out for "World of Warcraft" players in December. Nevertheless, they're prepping a new non-"WoW" MMO, and it's a game they hope will be able to live in harmony with the universe they've already created, rather than supplanting or succeeding it.

"We are working on a second MMO," Blizzard Entertainment CEO and president Mike Morhaime told "We're thinking of it as sort of a next-generation MMO."

Morhaime didn't get specific about what the new MMO will be, but he did seem to have a clear idea of what it won't be.

"It's not a sequel to 'World of Warcraft,'" he explained. "We want to do something a bit different."

So what will Blizzard's next MMO outing look like? There's little to go off of at this point, but barring a completely new franchise and IP, the StarCraft-verse is the logical primary target for speculation. Incorporating sci-fi elements, vehicles and planets would make for a different kind of game, but there's a lot that's already been done by other companies.

Morhaime emphasized that "every massively multiplayer game doesn’t have to be similar to the ones that exist today," which pretty much means the sky is the limit for what Blizzard may try. I can't think of a good Viking MMO that's already out there wandering about, though — "Lost," if you will.

What would you like to see Blizzard do with their next MMO? Would you like to see them used it to kickstart a new franchise? Share your opinions with us in the comment section below.