'Red Dead Redemption' Gets Patch Ahead Of Zombie Plague

Red Dead Redemption fixes

In addition to making their Undead Nightmare DLC available for "Red Dead Redemption this week, Rockstar Games has a few freebies they want to slip your way in the form of an automatic patch. Part of it will be necessary if you want to get in on those new multiplayer modes, and a few bug fixes will be included as well.

When you've successfully downloaded "Title Update 1.05," you'll notice that "Friendly Free Roam" mode has nullified all of the player-on-player killing that you'd see before. Here's what else you'll be getting, according to the Rockstar Games site:

• Friendly Free Roam now available for those that wish to play with player-vs-player killing disabled

• Markers in preparation for Land Grab in Free Roam, which will be available next week with the installation of Undead Nightmare DLC

• Fix for issues with Days Passed being reset

• Fix for co-op achievements not advancing after passing into legend

• Fix for players griefing by voting each other out of the game in Poker and Liar's Dice

• Permanent clientside unlock for Redemption and Damnation characters (can use them on System Link without Internet connection)

• Poker and Grand Prix Leaderboards fixed to correct information displayed

As you can see, many of these bullet points will be useful as you head out onto the trails hunting zombies. Hopefully, if you've experienced problems with jerky poker and Liar's Dice players or leaderboard abnormalities, this patch will cast some sunshine down onto your "RDR" experience in general.

There's going to be enough craziness going on with townsfolk rising up out of the ground acting all buggy on purpose; it's nice to see Rockstar's bringing a little more law and order to their gameplay in preparation.

Have you encountered any of the issues that Rockstar's addressing in this patch? Are you looking forward to Undead Nightmare? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.