Unexpected Revelation Of The Day: Martha Stewart Plays 'Rock Band'

"Rock Band 3" launches tomorrow, so many of the reporters here have been polling celebrities to determine which of them has the ability to take on Dio's "Rainbow In The Dark" on Expert (among other feats). We expect bands like "All Time Low" to have experience with the "Rock Band" franchise, but every once in a while we get someone that we never would've guessed is a fan of the series. Surprise fan of the day? None other than Martha Stewart.

Martha admitted that she's "tried" to play guitar in previous "Rock Band" games, and that she's not a very good drummer. Her preference, it seems, is to take the mic, as she proclaimed that she's actually quite a good signer. She also mentioned that she used to play the trumpet, which is a musical skill that has yet to be mined in the "Rock Band" games. Ah well, that's what "Rock Band 4" is for, right?

By the way, our very own Jim Cantiello, who conducted the interview, will be appearing on Martha's show on the Hallmark Channel on November 9th at 10am, so if you're looking for more stunning Martha secrets, it might be a good idea to tune in.