'WarDevil' Ends 5 Years Of Development With Cancellation

WarDevil cancelled

Although the London-based developer Ignition Entertainment may have survived some heavy layoffs and restructuring, its game "WarDevil" was reportedly not so fortunate. The game had been in development for five years, and its end may have meant that about 30 employees no longer have jobs, but the studio won't vanish entirely for now.

Ignition was believed to have been shopping around for someone to outsource the project to and get it optimized with "Hollywood-grade" visuals at 60FPS, according to a report at Develop. Though that search did not come to a happy ending, new announcements may still be coming soon in regards to Ignition's fate.

"Ignition's London office is very much up and running and will serve as the global headquarters for the company's recently announced investment into digital distribution and publishing," a statement from the company explained.

The development timeline that "WarDevil" went through over five years was tumultuous at best. Precious little every made it out into public from the "God of War"-meets-"Gears of War" title beyond the fact that it was to be filled with lots of blood, blades and violence.

What hype there was is over now, however, and neither the Xbox 360 nor the PlayStation 3 are going to see it anytime in the near future. That's the way protracted periods of development crumble in the games industry, though. It's just too bad that years of creative energy and livelihoods have to get jettisoned in the process.

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