'Halo: Reach' Noble Map Pack's Trailer Details New Maps

Halo Reach Noble Map Pack

The Noble Map Pack DLC for "Halo: Reach" won't available until November 30, but Bungie's put together a trailer for Anchor 9, Breakpoint and Tempest that you can watch at your leisure between now and the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.

Leads are lost and Spartans die in the new set of clips, which contain stabbing, rockets and outer space combat. There aren't any huge surprises, but if you enjoy watching things die and explode in the Halo-verse, you won't regret clicking on the play button below.

If nothing else, that trailer should be enough to churn up some excitement for "Reach" vehicle lovers. The maps look just as spacious and fully featured as we'd expect them to, and if you don't get a charge out of watching a close-range midair jetpack-to-jetpack takedown, "Reach" probably had nothing to offer you in the first place.

The 250 Gamerscore and 800 Microsoft Points worth of extra space for your multiplayer matches packs a wide range of climates and settings, as you likely already know, but still, sometimes it's nice to be able to see these things in person before they're available, if for no other reason than to contemplate your plans of attack and camping nooks and come out swinging when you get the pack downloaded and running on your 360 in about a month.

Do you plan on tracking down the Noble Map Pack on November 30? Were there a enough vehicles to satisfy you in Bungie's new trailer for the DLC? Share your opinions with us in the comment section below.