'Hitman 5' Mentioned By Actor, Dismissed By Developer

Hitman 5

"Hitman 5" came up more than a year ago in reference to source material for a movie sequel in a Variety story. At the time it sounded like we might see a new game in 2010, but it's probably safe to assume that that's off the table now. Still, actor David Bateson, who's provided Agent 47's voice in the past, seems to know something about a new installment, even if IO Interactive admits to nothing.

"I have to plead the 5th Amendment on this one," Bateson told TheGamingLiberty.com when asked about "Hitman 5." "I am under contract not to say anything. There have been delays. However, like I said earlier, if the artwork is anything to go by...brace yourself!"

For someone under contract not to say anything, that sure is something. Alas, IO Interactive denies that they've got anything, game sequel or otherwise, in the works with him.

"This is rumor control," a studio representative wrote on the official IO Twitter account. "While Bateson's comments are flattering, they are a surprise — we are currently not working on projects with him."

I hope that doesn't mean that they were working on something with him in secret until he violated secrecy terms in his contract. Then again, his character in the games isn't supposed to officially exist either, much like games that haven't been officially announced yet, so take both of these statements for what they're worth and have fun figuring out what ratio of information to misinformation is in play.

Would you like to see a new Hitman game? Do you want to see Bateson return to the lead role if IO presses ahead? Share your opinions with us in the comment section below.