PSP 2 With Bigger Screen Rumored To Launch For Fall 2011


Sony's next-generation PlayStation Portable has reportedly been sighted in places other than the Netherrealm offices, and though the PSP 2 didn't emerge from the shadows for E3 in 2010, Sony may be leading developers to believe that the potential iPad competitor will be ready to slide into consumers' hands for Fall 2011.

Sony held a closed meeting to show off their new device in Tokyo sometime around the Tokyo Game Show this year, according to a Kotaku report. The new system has been seen sporting a trackpad-style feature on its back with a sharper screen that Sony describes as "HD" and actually stretches out to be slightly larger than the one on the PSP-3000.

Some aspects may change as Sony tinkers with the PSP 2 to prevent overheating, though. With a year left before it's un-confirmed launch, they still have plenty of time to finalize the product. There does seem to be a product floating around out there, however, and the amount of rumor buzz going around would seem to indicate that the PSP 2 isn't just the figment of an imagination or two.

I'll be most curious to see how Sony handles game sales and/or backwards compatibility for the PSP 2. After a less than universally successful attempt at a download-only system with the PSPgo, there has to have been some re-strategical going on behind the scenes. At the very least, I hope you'll be able to bring your PSN purchases from the Go onboard when this little guy hits.

What do you want to be able to do with the PSP 2? Are there any concepts you'd like to see Sony stick with from the PSPgo? Share your responses with us in the comment section below.