New 'Phantasy Star' Projects Trademarked At Sega

New Phantasy Star

The Phantasy Star series hasn't exactly been dormant at Sega recently. They recently launched a site for "Phantasy Star Online 2," and "Phantasy Star Portable" came out this year. At least two more games seem to be in the works behind the scenes, though, as Sega has applied for trademarks covering both "Phantasy Star: Eternal Planets" and "Phantasy Star: Eternal Hunters."

The two titles were registered for use with video games, according to some research and translation work done over at Siliconera.

The dual use of the word Eternal begs a few questions about what these titles could be meant for. A few possibilities might include related console/portable games with some kind of thematic link, a Pokémon-style tandem release or merely indecision in at the Sega offices over which title they want to use.

Hunters and planets are pretty distinct concepts, though, so I doubt it's the third case, unless they're putting together a Phantasy Star game that lets you play as giant planet-sized hunters roaming the galaxy in search of adventure like something out of a cosmic Jack Kirby comic book. We can probably assume it's one of the first two choices, but whatever the truth may be, Phantasy Star continues to live in Sega's imaginations, so take that thought home with you for the weekend and enjoy yourself.

What would you like to see Phantasy Star: Eternal Planets" and "Phantasy Star: Eternal Hunters" turn out to be? What direction would you like to see Sega take the franchise in? Share your proposals with us in the comment section below.