'Crysis 2' Beta Invites Now Being Distributed

Crysis 2 beta invites

Crytek wants to test out their boldly marketed "Halo-killer" of a sequel "Crysis 2" on the Bungie series' home turf aboard the Xbox 360. They need Gold-subscribing Xbox Live members to populate the beta test, though, and are thusly sending out invitations.

"As part of our continuing 'Crysis 2' development we will be performing a multiplayer test starting very soon," one such email invitation reads, which was obtained by Joystiq. "For this test we will be inviting various community members to take part and help us push the game to it limits so we can make any adjustments necessary and ensure that we deliver the gameplay experience we know everyone wants to see."

The mailing doesn't say how big the test will be, but it does stipulate the "a very limited number of tokens" are available, so merely receiving an invite won't necessarily guarantee you an in. You'll have to respond before the test is full and get yourself registered, as is often the case with these things.

For the time being, keep your eyes on your inbox and make sure you're on all of the Crytek mailing lists you can possibly get onto, remain patient, and perhaps someone in their community management inner circle will look down and smile upon you with a clickable "Sign Up" button and a registration number.

Have you received an invitation to hop into the "Crysis 2" multiplayer beta test for the 360? Do you feel sad because you have not yet received such an email from Crytek? Share your responses with us in the comment section below.

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